“14 Novembre 2018 – meeting a Bruxelles del EIP-AHA B3 Action Group. I rappresentanti dell’ A.O.U. Città della Salute e della Scienza di Torino hanno presentato le attività di ricerca tra cui quelle legate al progetto la CAsa Nel Parco.”


Action Group B3

Action Group B3
Replicating and tutoring integrated care for chronic diseases

The Action Group on integrated care is a unique collaborative of partners representing around 120 multi-stakeholder commitments from national, regional and national administrations, local authorities, research centers, academia, SMES and large industry, advocacy organizations from across the EU.

The commitments are measurable and concrete activities at local, regional or national level performed by stakeholders who commit themselves to promote innovative and concrete actions aimed at improving older people health and quality of life.

The partners aim to reduce the avoidable/unnecessary hospitalisation of older people with chronic condition.

They work towards iintegrated care services, that are more closely oriented to the needs of patients /users, multidisciplinary, well co-ordinated and accessible, as well as anchored in community and home care settings.

Such models coordinate between levels of health services and align them with social care, along the whole health promotion and care chain.

They harmonize and coordinate the management, organization and delivery of services to make sure they provide quality and efficient solutions to the needs of the patients.